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Site Rules

Puma People Forum Rules

This forum is provided by Ian Griffiths and his moderating team. Use of the forum is subject to the terms and rules set out below. By registering to use the forum, you agree to abide by these rules which have been set out with the best interest of the Puma People community in mind.

1. Forum Membership
  1. Please only register one account.
  2. Your membership is subject to you reading and agreeing to these rules.
  3. Additionally, discretion will be used case-by-case for situations which fall outside of that which is outlined below.
2. Moderating
  1. All posts made to the forum are subject to moderation.
  2. Please keep posts on topic and relevant to the section in which they are posted.
  3. Although most members are adults, some may not be and those who are may be in the polite company.  Please respect this.
  4. Moderators only act when necessary and will typically inform users when they have had to intervene.
  5. If you wish to dispute a moderation decision, this should be done directly to Ian.
3. Discussion  
  1. The primary function of this forum is to allow Puma People members to freely chat about all things related to the car we all love.  The exchange of information, guidance, expert opinion and input is encouraged but people can and will disagree.  Please endeavour to keep all discussions respectful and objective.
  2. Puma People has a duty of care to ensure that its members do not do anything which is illegal or which would otherwise endanger them.  Pursuant to this, discussion of matters which contravene Road Traffic Act and other acts of law are discouraged.
4. Advertising
  1. Members are allowed to advertise private goods for sale.  Items must be held by them and available for trade immediately upon placing an advert.
  2. Adverts must have a location and price, and sellers must be willing to supply valid and complete contact details.
  3. Please decide on a price prior to placing your advert, typically through a thread in PGT or your own research.
  4. Adverts containing links to external sites such as Ebay must also contain information about the item in question.
  5. External links which are not your own, ie. Ebay finds and similar, should be posted in The Lounge.
  6. Wanted adverts can be placed by all registered users of the forum, and must be posted in the Wanted forum.
  7. Trade advertising is not to be placed without consultation with site staff.
  8. Soliciting of products using the forum's private messaging system is not allowed, unless information is specifically requested by a forum user. Members receiving such unsolicited contact should contact a moderator.
5. Language and "Text Speak"
  1. Please, try and use proper English.  If you wish to be understood you will benefit from phrasing your posts correctly.
6. Private Messages (PM)  
  1. The private message system exists to exchange member-to-member contact out of the public view.
  2. Please do not assume privacy as messages may form the basis of an investigation in to abuse or trade problems.
  3. You should not use the PM system for soliciting goods as per section 4.8.
  4. Common courtesy dictates that you do not disclose the message except where it is absolutely necessary to do so.
7. Images including avatars
  1. Images should be sized appropriately and members should be mindful of the readers who may potentially be seeing large images.
  2. Please prefer linking images which cannot be resized to a sensible dimension.
  3. Avatars should be no bigger than 100 pixels wide by 100 pixels high, and should be under 10Kb.
  4. Images in signatures are strongly discouraged.
  5. Inappropriate images may not be posted or linked to. This is a Ford Puma related forum.  Please keep images in context.