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Engine Wont Crank Over

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Posted 21 May 2017 - 05:09 PM

Hello Puma People,

I hope you have some 'gurus' who may be able to help me as I have an electrical issue (or at least I think) that is stopping the engine from cranking over.

I was driving along when suddenly the engine electrics failed - radio was on & didnt power down but lost all power to the engine - changed down a gear but still losing power so managed to coast car to a parking space in an industrial estate. I mentioned the change down in gear as I dont think it is engine seizure as it didnt lock the wheels up & also didnt slow up as if the engine was seized. The engine will not turn over & I cant hear any click either when turning the key. I have another Puma as a donor car so have swapped over the battery & relays but still no better. I have checked the engine earth strap & gearbox earth & both seem ok. I checked all other wiring I could reach from under the bonnet & found the speed sensor wiring badly frayed where it enters the sensor housing. All three wires were in bad shape & appeared to be touching which would cause them to short out (this may be a red herring though as my other puma runs fine with the speedo sensor unplugged) I swapped the sensor with the good one anyway , but the engine still will not turn over. I have noticed that the air con button light is illuminated as soon as the ignition is switched on & will not turn off when the button is pressed (the light is on even with the heater switched off).

I fitted a new clutch a week ago & in my haste I forgot to attach the power cable at the alternator which became apparent after a couple of days as the engine died (lucky I didnt have a fire - I know Posted Image) I reattached the cable to the alternator & the car had been running fine for the past week. Have I goosed something up here? Could it be the ECU? Posted Image

Any advice will be welcomed,

thanks in advance

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