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Missing Bolt Identification- Big Oil Leak Missing bolt, oil leak

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Posted 26 April 2023 - 08:06 PM

I had a ‘failure to proceed’ as some describe it last week where the car lost most of its oil…
I think I have identified that the bolt that should act as the blank for use when using the locking tool(?) for the bottom pulley up behind the driveshaft bracket has come out. It’s the hole 90’ behind the cam belt side of the engine but can’t seem to find anything correct to fit. I’ve found a temporary blanking plug of an M10 bolt but doesn’t screw in well and don’t want to put anything too long in in case it meets something inside. I’m guessing the garage that did the belt before I had it in January didn’t do it up?!

Does anyone know what size bolt (length and thread pitch etc) should be there? it’s a real pain to get at so presume it should have a proper bolt head rather than the Allen key type plug I’ve found to stop it leaking further on the drive. Surprisingly the local main dealer weren’t very helpful…

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Posted 02 May 2023 - 09:33 PM

Had a search and found reference to a leak like this after a cambelt change but no mention of the bolt sized used in fixing the bolt leak, good luck in fixing your Puma.
searching is fruitful | I'm a sponge not a mechanic | please do try that if stuck with a Puma problem whilst waiting for a reply | For the Puma fan this read 'The Inside Story Book' is very nice to own sometimes still seen for sale

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