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Racing Puma Tyre Review

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Posted 26 July 2013 - 07:48 PM

Just realised I hadn't yet got round to doing a little review of the Pirelli P-Zero's yet...so here goes..

Pirelli P-Zero Nero

Posted Image

Dry Weather performance 4.5 out of 5 i'd say... not as grippy as a semi slick of course but great grip and VERY predictable unlike track tyres which can take longer to warm up...

Wet weather driving 4 out of 5.. again, excellent all round tyre using assametric tread pattern..hav'nt experienced any 'brown pants' moments yet.. :lol:

Track / Road Suitability I dare say these would perform well on both but like the Michelin's just too expensive i'd say to rag around the track on... most definitely a more ROAD going tyre.. :good:

Overall Feel and FRP suitability i'm giving 5 out of 5 here.. :beer: probably the closest tyre to the original P7000's i've tried so far... In many ways probably a better all round tyre than the P7000 ever was... It's really firm on the floor, perhaps not quite as firm as the P7000 but noticeably firmer than the Michelin Equivalent i'd say... With the more modern compound and Assemetric tread pattern the feel through the car is absolutely fantastic!!

Asthetics 4.5 / 5 very pleasing to the eye :)

Availability When I bought these last year I had thought they were being phased out and hard to come by, but had no problem ordering new ones at all.... I even ended up with 3 spares... lol The price is very similar to the Pilot Exalto at around 140-150 per corner fitted!.. :wacko:

In Summery...

A great premium tyre for the Racing Puma and in a totally different league to most of the other crap out there that have 'jelly sidewalls' :lol: the only road tyre to match it (or beat it in some respects) is the Pilot Exalto which is probably still king as an all round tarmac hugger, for dry summer driving i'd personally prefer driving on the Pirelli but only just by a smidge..

Hope all that was useful..


:beer: :beer:
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Posted 27 July 2013 - 06:44 AM

Very useful. Reads very like my Dunlop SP Sports Max (extra load).
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Posted 27 July 2013 - 12:22 PM

I agree with your test on the P Zero Nero Chris :)
I have done a trackday with them on the front of the car, pre LSD so they did suffer quite a lot.
Around 5mm of tread when I started on the day.
This at the end.
Posted Image
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Posted Image

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Posted 14 September 2013 - 09:51 AM

Ive run prada spec 2 for years had some hit my car on the motorway in the rain at 66mph and after hitting the barrier 3 times regained control and stop safely. Only spun out once in the snow rubbish in the cold but soft tyres so as exspected. Got toyo t1r at the mo got full set for 145 cant complain. Michellin pilot exlato 2's are absolutly awesome . Im a mechanic and fitted 100's of tyres pirrel and conti dont cut it. Hanooks always feather badly. Yoko c drive 2s, blue planets, pradas, A539 all really super for the money.
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Posted 28 July 2014 - 06:02 PM

Knew I'd read this somewhere! Will do a Vredestein review when I've done a few miles!

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Posted 16 April 2015 - 04:26 PM

View PostDogsbody, on 05 February 2012 - 12:55 PM, said:

Pirelli P Zero Nero Posted Image and Uniroyle Rain Master 2 Posted Image

I would give 4/5 across the board.

I ran both on the car front / back and swapped them around during that time.
Both gripped very well wet and dry.

Trackday included, although the Uniroyles do over heat giving over steer when on the back if pushed on a hot day on the track.
Very controllable and fun to induce :)/>

I went from this combination straight to Toyo T1R's all round.

Pumabuild 78 each

A noticeable drop in grip, especially in the wet.
Dry 3/5
wet 2/5

I won't review Yoko Parada wet performance :roflmao:/>

I'd agree might even go further. I've had these on since 2006. They're not that expensive so as the car was supplied with Ps thought I may as well stick with Ps and as the P7s were not in supply these seemed a good sub. Do suffer flat spotting when left standing, got some P1s on my classic Alfa they don't but very different of course and it does go away after a few miles. Had Toyo's on an Audi and they started to crack so never again. Have a longstanding relationship with Kumho which I have a lot of time for but use them for winters for my 4x4 or substitutes to OEM if I'm a bit brassic
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