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Used Values too much?

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Posted 19 February 2019 - 10:21 PM

I loved many things about my old 1.7, that's why I kept her 5yrs, did 50,000 miles and am thinking of getting another one.
However FRP aside, surely there is only so much a standadrd 1.7 can be worth no matter how good an example it is.
This particular ad I found is for a lovely blue one but its 20 years old it if you actually bought it and actually drove as I would like to it its value would then plummet!
eBay reveals that low mileage 1.7's with plenty of MOT can be had for not too much at all so the 6k for this ad seems mad?
What value would people here suggest the true worth is for this cloth interior, standard 1.7? I was thinking more like 3,000

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Posted 19 February 2019 - 10:37 PM

Strange times as there are some speculative adverts, difficult to say how many are being sold.

Certainly at the lower end they're getting harder to buy so prices are on the up but whether you'd enjoy such an investment you're right - it would need to sit in a garage and not get used to retain that sort of money.

Also still plenty about for far more sensible money which could be enjoyed. My personal view is that if you're buying one to keep long term you'd be better starting with a fixer and doing (or at least commissioning) the work yourself so you know its done. My main worry with people paying stronger money is that they may well not quite be what they say they are. Unless you saw photos of a rebuild or had a proper poke about underneath then as you say, 20 years old, it would have to be very carefully stored to not be a time bomb come MOT time.

Tread carefully!

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