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Horn Gone After Indicator Stalk Replaced

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Posted 06 August 2019 - 12:37 PM

So, I've had to replace the indicator / headlight / wiper stalk module in the steering column as the side lights stopped coming on (and whenever I tried to put them on, the left hand stalk got very hot, presumably due to a short in the column itself).

Anyway, got the not inexpensive replacement from Ford after a bit of a hunt to find the part themselves and replaced the original module. Whilst I was replacing it, the horn went off a number of times at the point when I was lifting the original module out of the column. After replacing with the new module, everything worked fine again except the horn which appears dead. Checked all the fuses, contacts, wiring plugs to the new stalk etc. and come up blank. I thought maybe the two sprung contacts that exist between the new module and the steering wheel itself were not making contact due to the grease there so gave them a clean, but still nothing. Took out module and refitted and still nothing. SRS airbag in the wheel still appears to initialise as usual on start (well, at least the indicator light on the dash for it goes out as usual).

I wondered if since the horn is linked to the alarm / immobiliser, that this needs to be reset in some way after the steering column / module has been removed and replaced for any reason?

Any ideas from the Puma gurus on here?

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Posted 06 August 2019 - 05:40 PM

Did you have the battery disconnected whilst working on the steering column?
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Posted 07 August 2019 - 08:59 PM

Alarm is unrelated, should still work from the button.

Points of failure are the clock spring in the steering wheel or fuse 5 which is a blue 15A bottom row 5th from the left in the fuse box behind the storage bin by your right knee while in the driver's seat.

Hopefully fuse will sort it, if not there are two types of clock spring yours probably being the earlier type, part number starting 96FB although have the cover back off for a visual on the yellow sticker if you do diagnose as needing one.

They do fail and it may have chosen this coincidental moment to do so. Airbag being OK would rule that out though I think.

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