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Puma Info thinking of buying? have a read here :) Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 13 May 2005 - 09:32 PM

Things to check, same really as any second hand car **as a suggestion only**
Standard Puma
Full Ford service history
HPI check etc.
MOT certificate?
Check for kerbed alloys
Check state of the paint work ...chips ... panel colours match.... rust.... dents etc... panel alignment
Check for rust in the corner just under the wing mirrors on the side of the door
Check for rust in the door hinges and door hinge mounts on the main body
Check glass - screen condition
Check windows go fully up and down without catching the rubber when up
Check door mirrors if electric
Check headlight leveling works
Check the A/C works
Check heating works, hot/cold blower etc.
Check windscreen wipers work and washers
Check boot catch works
Check if you can the oil level (before your test drive), oil right at the bottom of the dipstick may indicate oil neglect
Check for locking wheel nuts and key (nice if included but if Kat has locking wheel nuts u want the key!!)
Check for uneven tracking wear on front tyres (standard factory fitted tyres Pirelli P6000 or GoodYear Eagle Touring NC3 (NC5 is current model available)) and amount of tread left
Check for spare tyre (will be a steel rim and not alloy as standard)
Check for jack and towing eye
Check for braking in a straight line, brake judder etc.
Check that you get at least two keys, full remote and manual key, third would be a 'T' bar key
Set of Ford manuals including audio key code (can buy any missing manuals from Ford)
If a 98 or earlier Puma, check that the electric seats work and that the seat tilt and slide mechanism works ok and the seat locks when returned to normal position
RAC/AA car check?
Right-off check? ask if been in an accident?
Now with the age of many Puma's it is an idea to also check for a cam belt change, or budget the cost to get it done, have a read here for the change intervals
For the only recall notice for the Puma read the second item here
**no liability accepted for anyone reading and interpreting this, read at your own risk etc. etc.**
Ford Racing Puma (FRP)
Here is the refined list that has been used to inspect and purchase a number of FRPs owned within Pumapeople. To be used with the Puma guide.
As with all FRP's, exercise caution when buying, as there are now lots of roadworthy sheds out there. Be patient though, and you can find some real diamonds amongst the rough.
Expect to pay decent money (£10k+) for a really good one, there are good bargains to be had though. Upper money is £11k+ ish, and will secure you a couple of the best FRP's in the UK.
Registration -
Manifold Number -
Mileage -
Paperwork - V5 / HPI / Owners supplement / Tax? / Service History /
Keys (t-bar/red/remote)
Bumper - Grilles-Rust? / splitter-Condition / stone chipping /fit and finish
Front wings - Panel fit / stone chipping <br />Bonnet - Stone chipping / shut lines
Doors -Closure / panel fit / chipping / sills / Alignment
Rear quarters - Window fit & badges / stone chipping / alignment and seam quality / paint missing on rare quarter tip edges?
Boot - Closure / fit / interior arch area / floor area / Tyre weld / Jack & towing eye present / loose cover in boot floor where spare wheel was retained
Wheels - Rim condition / tyres (type & wear) / Locking nuts ? / Chrome valve sleeves and chrome dust caps fitted? <br />Brakes -Front caliper and disc condition
Engine bay - Condition / levels & leaks / engine number
Front seats - Seat tilt handles-Prone to breaking / harness surrounds- prone to popping apart / alcantara condition / Blue trimmed mats fitted?
Rear seats - Stitching / material condition
Trim cards and Dashboard - Condition / Equipment CD-6000 <br />Drive - Exhaust / Throttle response / Braking (judder / direction) / Gear change /Aircon function / Clutch feel / Tracking / Suspension / Steering judder
There has been only one recall for the FRP and it concerns the routing of the rear brake pipe around the rear caliper, read the first item here
**no liability accepted for anyone reading and interpreting this, read at your own risk etc. etc. **

Wiki article
searching is fruitful | I'm a sponge not a mechanic | The Wiki is cool, please do check there if stuck with a Puma problem whilst waiting for a reply | For the Puma fan this read 'The Inside Story Book' is very nice to own link coming soon

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