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Reluctantly Frp #032 Is For Sale

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Posted 08 March 2018 - 07:05 PM

Hi there...

With great sadness and frustration I have made the decision to sell #032... Iím not a happy bunny...

Couple of weeks ago I was hit from behind at low speed which cracked the bumper... their insurance is paying for the repairs... getting a new original bumper from BentleyA... however... on inspection of the rear underside for any damage to exhaust... (which is fine by the way) I can see that the rust needs dealing with ASAP... which is obviously going to cost money...

I have had to admit that having a family of five ... two cats and a dog is having to take a priority over the car... who would have thought it... so in order to keep the car I need to spend time and money now.. which I have very little of either...

So do I keep hold of it and enjoy it and let it pass the point of being restorable... or do I sell it and let someone else with time and money restore it and enjoy it for years to come... It would be heartbreaking to see it get scrapped at some point...

So as soon as I get the repaIrs done I will get it listed... but just wanted to give anyone that is looking for one a heads up...


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Posted 09 March 2018 - 01:11 PM

Hi xnbradley

Interested in your frp can you private message me details price year, mileage, location, condition, etc and some photos please.

Many thanks



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Posted 09 March 2018 - 01:23 PM

Hey there...

Will do...

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Posted 09 March 2018 - 04:12 PM

I'd be very interested- can you email me/pm me your details and i'll call ASAP.


#5 User is offline   xnbradley 

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Posted 10 March 2018 - 12:17 AM

Will try and get some details on here in next few days...


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Posted 10 March 2018 - 06:25 PM

So, I thought I would start with explaining a bit of the history of #032, I bought it on 8th October 2016 off An owner and director of a Motorsport Racing Team based in Aberdeen. The guy had owned the car since 2011 and it was dry stored since then, it only covered 10,000 in five years. The plan was to keep it but unfortunately, he needed to replace his works van asap and reluctantly sold it to me.qq

As you can imagine, owning your own motorsport racing team, he did a great job of looking after the car. I received a thick folder containing lots of receipts and confirmation of all the work that he had done between 2011 and 2018.

-New Timing belt and tensioner fitted using genuine FRP timing tool.
-A full stainless exhaust system including 4-2-1 manifold, airfilters, thermostat,
-Standard hoses replaced with Genuine Samco silicone hoses (all of them, not just the fewyou get in the kit),
-Air Conditioning system removed and power steering pump relocated to front ofengine as per normal Puma's for space - all plumbed in with bespoke Goodridge200 series motorsport hoses and aluminium fittings.

-Brand new set of genuine FRP wheels.
-All new genuine racing suspension struts / shocks / springs,
-Front arms and hubs shot blasted and powder coated,
-Rear beam shot blasted and powder coated.
-New wheel bearings front and back, bushes,
-New ball joints,anti-roll bar drop links, steering rack gaitors,
-All new mounting bolts and genuine ford locking wheel nut set

-All newHandbrake cables, rear discs, rear calipers, ABS sensors front and back, rearbrake splash guards, all new bolts mounting bolts,
Brand new ashtray, doorcards and gearstick gaitor (not finished) in genuinespare stock Racing Alcantara (spare cuttings included),

-BrandNew Genuine FRP Splitter.
-Therest of the bodywork was his next project before his van broke down. He didexplain that it is a driver's car, so it has been driven! Its notconcours, its got stone chips so don't expect a show car,

So mechanically it was well looked after and set up really well. I actually bought the car blind, flew up to Aberdeen from downSouth and then spent 9 hours driving it back down to Hampshire, which was great fun; much better roads in Scotland. It started every time, ticked over nicelyand stopped really well. I was so excited to finally own one that I justcouldn't stop smiling; my wife thought I was nuts.

The plan was the same as all FRP owners: to keep the car forever and gradually restore it back to its former glory. I think naively I wanted to try and do this whilst using the car for my daily commute to work and back. I desperately wanted to simply drive the carÖas much as I could rather than have it in a garage or wrapped up warm somewhere; after all they were made to be driven,

The first hurdle was the MOT, it needed a spot of welding on the right rear quarter panel sill, so, I took it to a local welder/classic car restorer to see what he thought. As I walked into his workshop he was working on the frame of a Ferrari Dino; I thought if someone trusted him with a £350,000.00 classic, I think I can trusthim with my FRP. He sorted the rust out, did an amazing job.

It also failed the emissions so I had a Stainless Steel mid-section from Allison Automotive with a 200-cellsports CAT fitted and it passed with flying colours. Apart from watching eBay and picking up a fewparts, I have not done much with the car due to lack of time... I have however driven it everyday and to be honest... it is the best car I have driven... starts first time... sounds and drives amazing and stops really well...

I have switched internal door and rear panels with dark grey ones as I prefer the colour... I have kept the original blue FRP cards with the extra speaker grill in the rear ones that I can easily refit. I have also fitted a black surround to the instrument panel, the central air vent and the a black heather control panel, but have the original silver ones. I have also fitted a black 6006 stereo.

I managed to replace the water pump towards the end of the summer last year without removing the cam belt... I also had the tracking done and four new Michelin SportMaxx tyres fitted September 2017 and it went onto pass itís MOT without any problems in December...

Frustratingly I have come to the realisation that I do not have the time to properly look after and work on the car as much as it needs, which means that it will probably slowly deteriorate and one day die; which would be wrong as I think less than 100 are left...

The car is not in the same condition as the £14-£16k restores versions that are currently for sale... it needs work doing on it and probably before itís next MOT in December 2018.

-I think there is a small oil leak from the rocker head gasket that needs to be fixed.
-The whole engine bay needs a good clean due to oil leak, water pump dying and a burst PAS pipe (which has since been replaced)
-I have a complete air-con system from a donor car (all pipes, condenser, pump andgrill) as well as a replacement PAS pump and hoses. The plan was to re-fit theair con and put the PAS pump back to the back so it is back to originalconfiguration.

-There is a rubber hanger missing from the back end of the mid-section.
-I have also got a Stainless-Steel Back section from Allison Automotive that is ready to fit, I just wanted to have it matching the mid-section, the pops and bangs are awesome

-I have checked the pads front and rear and they all have a fair amount of pad left onthem, discs seem to be ok.
-The Alcon Callipers need servicing, no nasty squeals at the moment. see spare parts below...

-The front bumper has a crack in it lower right just below the small mesh grill, just needs filling etc.
-The Ford Racing Badges on both sides are faded, I have a Brand New Set to replace,the hard ones not the soft gel ones.
-The paintwork is by no means concourse standard... the car has been driven every day... will need a resp ray at some point.

-As ever with all pumas this is a very common problem and will need sorting out, this is definitely a project for someone to finish.
-Rear Quarter panels have rust at the joint just below the rear of the front doors.The passengers side is better than the drivers side. I have sealed it all with a rustconvertor so hopefully it will not get any worse.
-Both of the side sills are rusty like most 18 year old pumas, you can get replacement sills from, Expressed Steel.
-The underside will need sorting soon to get rid of the surface rust and then sealed and painted.
-As you can see from the photos the rear bumper ha sheen cracked when a guy drove into the back of me at a roundabout... no structural damage and the bumper is being replaced by the insurers with an original Ford FRP bumper sprayed and fitted; hopefully in the next week or so...

As far as priceÖ it is difficult as it all depends on how much I want to sell it and how much someone wants to pay for it. There has not been one in this condition that someone can make their own and restore themselves for quite a while.

There have been a few already restored ones that have come up but they are selling for £13-£16k. As this is a work in progress I will set the asking price at £5,000.00 ono...

I have also got a list of parts that I have amassed over the year that I will be looking to sell that I could include with the car if we could agree on the right price.

Set of Used Alcon FRP Brake Callipers (need servicing + 1 bolt drilling out)
Brand New Alcon Calliper Seal Kit (Allison Automotive)
Brand New Alain Calliper pistons set (Allison Automotive)
Used Set of Ford FRP Front Knuckle )
Spare Used FRP Alloy Wheel with tyre
Brand New FRP Wheel Nuts x 20
Brand New FRP Alloy Centre Discs (original ones still on car)
Brand New FRP Ford Racing Rear Window Badges (Hard not gel)
Brand New FRP Timing Tool with Timing Peg
Brand New FRP Stainless Steel Back Box section (Allison Automotive)

Complete set of used Puma Door Cards (Black)
Complete Used Puma Dash board (Black)
Complete Used AC System
Used Puma Air Box x 2
Used Puma Alternator x 2
Used Puma Fuel Tank and Fuel Filling Pipe.
Set of Used Puma front Wheel Arch Carpets
Plus lots more that I will add to when I take a look at what I have...

I am happy to do a deal and include every single spare and replacement parts that I have in with the car for £6,000.00 ono all in, that is quite a bit of saving on what the parts are selling for at the moment.

Car will not be ready to be collected until after bumper has been replaced... hopefully in next week or so... the car also comes with one key... is fitted with a CLIFFORD Alarm... original log book... #32 numbered owners guide and original FRP brochure...

Thanks for your time in reading this, hope it has been helpful

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions or offers... if it doesnít sell then I get to keep it... wahoo...

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